Legal Advisory

After years assisting our clients with global mobility matters, Personae Business Intelligence became a “one-stop shop” provider as it has developed an extensive list of services required by foreigner moving to Brazil or any company that wishes to establish presence in the country. With this, we offer convenience and efficiency to clients.

Our team of lawyers and consultants is committed to the in-depth study of the laws and qualified to carry out administrative, legal, and procedural advisory services related to expatriates.

Expatriate Due Dilligence

Personae Business Intelligence brings the concept of “due diligence” to global mobility by reviewing and auditing the entire professional migration process of corporate clients in the areas of immigration, tax, Central Bank and payroll administrative routines.

The product of our analysis consists of a report with a diagnosis of risks, identified non-conformities and opportunities for savings and cost reduction not yet implemented, which is delivered to the HR or Global Mobility team for the strategic management of the observed points.

Personae Trainings

We develop customized training aimed at the Human Resources department and other professionals involved in management of corporate global mobility so that they are up to date on immigration, tax and labor rules.

The main objectives of the training are both to instruct the team that works with expatriates about the relevant aspects of the Brazilian Tax Legislation with regard to immigrants (foreigners in Brazil) or internationally transferred employees (Brazilians working abroad) and to prepare them to better manage and interact with service providers.

In the training, issues such as: Tax residency in Brazil, Principles of Tax Law, Income Tax Declaration and Central Bank, Procedures and routines for expatriate management, Training Transfer of Brazilians abroad, Brazil Tax Departure Process, Routines of payroll definition and tax equalization, Development or analysis and/or implementation of Global Mobility Policy, as well as other topics upon request.

Considering the knowledge of the client’s global mobility team, the training may also cover domestic immigration law and international law regarding international treaties.

International Tax and Immigration Law

Personae Business Intelligence has a broad experience in International Double Tax Treaties analysis and International Treaties related to residence in Brazil.

Our team may assist clients in tax optimization due to analysis, interpretation, harmonization and implementation of benefits due to international tax treaties.

Our team of specialists are also familiarized with international solutions for situations involving countries without International Tax Treaty but which allows the possibility to avoid the double taxation using different methodologies such as the Reciprocity of Treatment.

Labor Law

Labor law has become a complex area of ​​law in Brazil, being heavily regulated by federal legislation.

Without competent legal advice, employers are at risk of lawsuits and sanctions imposed by courts and government entities.

We can advise our corporate and individual clients on the rights of their employees as well as those arising from international transfer agreements, on legislation, statutes and legal instruments, as well as assist employers in drawing up or revising the appropriate agreements.

Employee claims can result in significant loss and damage to employers in Brazil. It is critical that companies and immigrants who employ local people have access to lawyers with the necessary knowledge and experience to assist them with advice on the legal aspects of human resource management.

At Personae Business Intelligence we have this knowledge and experience.

Judicial Disputes and Administrative Proceedings

Our team of lawyers will advise and support expats who are party to any type of judicial process or administrative demands involving Tax Law, Labor Law, Immigration, Citizenship or any other that has an international element.

In any legal or judicial dispute, either if the expat is as a defendant or as a claimant, our team of barristers may assist you.

Family and Succession Law

Our team can provide legal advice to expatriates in Brazil the context of Family and Succession Law. Among other services, we can assist with succession planning and incorporation of holding companies, in the preparation of wills and their amendments, in the properties administration, in legal representation in the event of the absence of a will and litigation related to the inheritance.