Individual Tax Compliance

Currently, the corporate scenario requires companies to ensure that their expatriates and executives comply with tax laws.

But taxes in Brazil don’t have to be “turbulent waters”. Although we are subject to one of the most complex tax systems in the world, it is indeed possible to comply with tax rules and filing obligations using the support of expert advisors.

Annual Income Tax Return and Tax Departure Process

Personae has a team of lawyers and consultants specialized in income tax for expatriates, executives, high net worth individuals and immigrants because these are generally more complex declarations and require specialized knowledge to correctly declare income from sources and assets located abroad, especially if they are from countries that have an agreement to avoid double taxation with Brazil or that allow reciprocity of tax treatment with the same purpose.

Our team assists our clients with the filling of all necessary Brazil Individual Return, supporting the expatriate during the entire process as from the moment of gathering all required information through the filling and the submission to the local authorities.

We have developed routines and procedures to support the Clients in any aspect of individual tax compliance, as follows:

Personae Business Intelligence has a very experienced tax team to assist and accompany high level foreigner and Brazilian national executives during the individual tax cycle.

Declaration of Brazilian Capital Held Abroad (CBE/Bacen Report)

Taxpayers qualified and eligible to file the Declaration of Brazilian Capital Abroad (CBE/Bacen Report) are those who hold assets abroad in amounts equal to or greater than USD 1 million and, generally, have a complex equity situation that requires a professional follow-up.

Tax Treaties to avoid double taxation

Our team will assist clients in tax optimization through the analysis, interpretation, harmonization, and application of agreements to avoid double taxation with Brazil or that allow reciprocity of tax treatment with the same purpose. Read more in Legal Advisory.

Individual Tax Return and Criminal Assessment

Our team of lawyers is specialized in developing defenses in the administrative domain (responding to the Brazilian IRS’ and Central Bank’s assessments) and courts (in crimes against the tax order provided for in Law 8.137/1990 re. Individual Income tax).