Global Mobility Business Partner

Our lawyers and consultants are available to assist the HR or Global Mobility team with the identification and management of consultancies and other providers established in Brazil or in other countries. Due to the experience acquired by our consultants and the current network of international contacts, this management will allow optimization of procedures, time savings with effective, direct and objective communication and the alignment of information in the development of activities. It also allows the Client’s corporate department to dedicate more time to other activities of the company’s core business, as activities with the service provider will be monitored by our team.

Service provider identification

Our team of lawyers and consultants will help the Client to identify the foreign consultancy able to meet the demand for a specific service, e.g., to work in the local immigration area, with international removals, with relocation, with local tax advice, or with any other need related to the international mobility of people.

Alignment of activities

After identifying the service provider that proves to be able to develop the activities that the Client seeks, our lawyers and consultants will align the scope of joint work and the schedule, obtain a proposal and monitor the negotiation between the Client and the local service provider and consultancy activities until the completion of the service and billing approval.

Management of support activities in Brazil

Once agreed with the Client, our consultants are also able to manage the support activities in Brazil with the follow-up of the needs defined by the chosen service provider, acting as intermediary between the provider, the Client’s HR / Global Mobility Department and the expatriate.

Activities developed by Personae’s team: