In 2023, we complete 10 years of a consultancy specialized in expatriates and foreign investments in Brazil. We were, and still are, pioneers in the multidisciplinary performance of our teams that deliver truly integrated solutions and observing the points of convergence between the Immigration, Tax and International areas in a broader and more complete way.

Our teams are trained in all these areas because we believe that this is the preparation to achieve an excellent and distinguished consultancy: the taxation of expatriates in Brazil depends on the type of visa or their nationality.

Having a team that works both in Immigration, Tax and International simultaneously allows us to achieve better goals in less time.

We divide our consultancy by the moment of the expatriate's assignment or by the needs of the corporate team (HR / Global Mobility):

If, before coming to Brazil, the Immigration Advisory and/or the Legal Advisory will be the most suitable for both the expatriate and the HR, as well as Investing in Brazil, which deals with the purchase of real estate and starting a business, which, along with the others, will serve foreign investors who intend to invest in the country.
If during your stay in Brazil, the Individual Tax Compliance assistance will be the most suitable for the expatriate and Global Mobility Business Partner the most suitable for the support of HR or Global Mobility team.

We are able to deal with simple to the most complex demands, from advisory, strategic and local legislation analysis to the monitoring of international transfers to Brazil and compliance with the delivery of expatriate statements.

We invest in the development of our intelligence, excellence and modern management. Responses within 24 hours and the use of technology in our communications are other differentials.